Syracuse Orange Woven Colors Comfy Slip On Shoes

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  • Perfectly comfortable slip on shoe, made with a comfy memory foam insole, finished with a rubber outsole, able to be worn inside or outside.
  • We recommend to spot clean, if dirty or stained.  These are made to be worn indoors or outdoors.  Take them to the beach, camping, games, walks… anywhere!
  • A wonderfully colored weave in your favorite team's primary and secondary colors of elastic strapping really provide a great secure fit on these ever unique looking pieces of footwear, from the makers of ComfyFeet slippers.
  • Comfy Feet brand, officially licensed by Everything Comfy.
  • Imported.

From the makers of the original ComfyFeet sneaker slippers, we bring to you the sleek looking woven shoe.  Made from an elastic and super colorful polyester, we interlaced these straps to give an almost checkerboard type look with your favorite team's primary and secondary colors.  The logo is then screen printed on the back of the memory foam insoled shoe.  Don't be afraid to wear these anywhere!  These make perfect shoes to wear to the beach or camping, we even have a few employees who like to wear these while pulling and shipping orders!  The elastic will stretch to really fit to your foot well, so they have a tendency to feel tight, so order the next size up if you don't like a tight fit.  They are made with a typical tennis shoe type bottom, so they can be worn inside, outside, in the water, wherever you want to go!  Cheer on your favorite team in these super cozy Comfy Feet NCAA licensed woven shoes. These festive, colorful and versatile footwear were designed to take you from your couch to class in comfort and style with their durable rubber soled bottoms.  Made not only with the soles that will take you anywhere, we made sure to add our well known ComfyFeet memory foam footbed to give you that always needed comfort your tired feed crave.  These are the perfect shoes to slip on after a long day of work or school, and chill around the house or take the dog out or that stroll to the mailbox without having to change into your shoes.  Officially licensed by Everything Comfy.  Made in China.  100% Polyester material. Sizes are unisex, made to fit both men and women.  Comfy Feet brand slippers, licensed by Everything Comfy.